What is The Long Haul Partner Rewards Program?

A partnership development program that rewards Selling Partner Locations and their Sales Reps for increasing sales of NTP® and/or Premium 2000+® contracts and for minimizing short-term warranty claims.

All current Selling Partners who have a selling agreement with NTP or Premium 2000+. Participating Selling Partners and Sales Reps must comply with their own internal Dealership/Corp guidelines that may govern participation.

  • Increase contract sales at the Selling Partner Location.
  • Increase Selling Partner’s profitability.
  • Reward locations Sales Reps for their sales efforts.
  • Solidify long term relationships between NTP/Premium 2000+ and their Selling Partner.

Selling Partner Locations first qualify for Rewards Levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) based on meeting or exceeding contract sales goals. As soon as a Rewards Level is achieved, the sales reps begin to earn Rewards Points for contracts sold.

Selling Partner Locations:

  • Once the Selling Partner Location reaches a Rewards Level, they stay at that level until they achieve a higher level.
  • Claims Frequency percentage is based on repair claims made within the first 90 days of each contract.
  • For contracts with Aftertreatment: <35% claims in first 90 days
  • For contracts without Aftertreatment: <10% in first 90 days

Claims Frequency:

  • If a Partner Location’s Claim Frequency is above the quarterly target for two quarters, their Sales Rep’s earned points will be suspended until the Claim’s Frequency target is achieved.

Partner Sales Reps:

  • Once a Partner Location reaches the Bronze Rewards Level, the Sales Rep begins earning Rewards points.
  • Points are earned based on the warranty contract’s wholesale dollar value (contracts must be 6 months or longer).
  • The number of Reward points earned per dollar varies based on the Location’s current Rewards Level. Higher point values per dollar are earned for reaching higher Location Rewards Levels.
  • Sales Reps can redeem earned points for a variety of goods and services such as merchandise, entertainment, travel, etc. from the exclusive Long Haul Partner Rewards Program’s online catalog.

Top sales performers have the chance to be selected to attend the President’s Trip, an all-expenses paid, 4-day/3-night luxury trip for two adults. 

Selling Partner Location:

  • You will be contacted by your NTP/Premium 2000+ Regional Sales Director.

Partner Sales Reps:

  • Once your Partner Location reaches a rewards level, you will receive an invitation to access the website link for the Long Haul Rewards online merchandise.
  • You will fill out the enrollment information and set up your personal account to view earned points and the online merchandise catalog.
  • You can log in at any time to see how many points you have earned.
  • Earned points will be updated monthly.

For any inquiries please email us.